Moon Over Chicago


Last night, Michelle and I met for the first time in a week.  (I’d gone to New York for a visit with the family to celebrate Passover).

Our meeting went well; We checked in about scheduling, and about folks we still want to meet and speak with for stories; and we spoke more about the upcoming transition to the next phase of the project: from “grocery shopping” to “unpacking, prepping and cooking”.   The writing process is soon upon us!

After leaving our meeting place of Midtown Global Market (and bumping into there another artist involved in ARTS ON CHICAGO, as well as an artist involved in creative placemaking stuff in St. Paul, and two activists/lobbyists working on anti-bullying legislation)  we headed to the car.

As often happens with us, it’s in the car where we start talking about the DEEP stuff – race, place, money, culture, legacy of pain, what lessons/behaviours we’re choosing to still hold onto and pass on, what to let go, etc. etc. blah blah blah,

and then Michelle says “WHOA!  Is that the MOON?”

We get out to take a better look, and she lets out a “WHOO!”

Yes indeed.
The Moon last night at that hour was big, round, and burnt yellow golden like a Caramel just sitting in the sky.

It was GORGEOUS.  We stood there for a bit, and then went our separate ways.

But I just couldn’t turn my car WEST and away from its light.  Instead, I piloted EAST to keep looking, getting out of the car every now and then to look some more.

Finally, I turned around at Hiawatha Ave, and headed back home. Stopped at Cup Foods to buy some water, and then couldn’t help but drive down Chicago Ave again to see what the street felt and looked like on a Moonlit night past 11pm.  All the way down past Amigo Stop on 32nd, and then turned around to come back up to 35th.

And as I crossed 33rd St., I saw the Moon, now silver, just shining over the Wilder Education Center and the bus stop below.

I couldn’t help but stop, to stare at it from out the car, and to take a photo before finally heading Home.


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