Holding On/Letting Go

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 1.12.29 PM

Some words inspired by conversations yesterday and this morning, about personal and communal growth.


We hold on to what we know because we know it.

Even if it’s not quite serving us, we know it and so we hold on.

Even though inside it’s locked up and dusty, so much potential just awaiting, creativity and hope and ideas and opportunity and the chance to play with and let others in…

But with that, the RISK that change brings,

The fact that we WON’T know what happens when you unlock it and let someone in, or let yourself out,
And because we don’t know
We say
Whoa. Hold up.

Yes because change has hurt before; and because others haven’t before played fair.
How to risk again, with yourself, your neighborhood, your block, your friendships,
And the people you know

And let go, gently, just a little bit, but not all, of what you know.


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